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navos among the top 10 in creative ranking

Complex can be creative

Even without a mirror on the wall, the PR journal asks once a year: Who are the most creative agencies in the country? This year, navos made it into the top ten for the first time and is ranked 6th as the ascendant of the year. “Even complex topics can be solved in a communicative and creative way! We are very pleased with the result and show that it is worthwhile to have the courage to seek dialogue on difficult topics”, says Anja Schlicht, managing partner of navos.

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Adjustments to the Facebook algorithm

Back to the roots!

At the start of the new year Marc Zuckerberg is tidying up the newsfeed. In the future there will be more private and personal contributions and less advertising on Facebook. For corporate communication, this change in the algorithm requires a rethink. Seems uncomfortable at first, but it’s only half as bad.

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Large chair back: Germany has voted! The time of tackling and political tug-of-war has begun. Initial exploratory talks are now being opened, but official coalition negotiations are unlikely to take place before the state elections in Lower Saxony on 15 October 2017. What follows now is shown here.

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