International dialogue

International dialogue – respecting and overcoming barriers


Globalisation and digitalisation have changed the framework for communication fundamentally. Communication is no longer restricted to national public spheres, but now also transcends regional, national and therefore also cultural boundaries. Norms and values influence our perception to a particular extent. This becomes especially evident when different cultures collide. We particularly aim to ensure and handle the dialogue with the necessary sensitivity when there are differing local conditions, whereby navos has extensive expertise in intercultural dialogue. We have been successfully supporting and steering international communication throughout the world with established, regular partners for many years now. Our clients do not pay for expensive network structures, but get exactly the communicative services they need at home and abroad. With our independent partner network, we have specific knowledge of local markets and combine our expertise right across the different communication disciplines.

"Cultural differences in international projects are not difficulties, but opportunities."

Christian Simon
Head of International Dialogue