Local dialogue

Local dialogue should be conducted on equal terms

Intense civil dialogue and transparent public participation are instruments that are becoming increasingly important for traffic and transport schemes, industrial and construction projects as well as the energy transition. navos knows the challenges and opportunities presented by local dialogue. We structure the multilayered processes and positions, thus creating the necessary acceptance locally. Our aim is to achieve honest public dialogue on equal terms. This requires openness and transparency as well as the willingness for mutual understanding and genuine compromise by all stakeholders – including companies and authorities.

Substantial and sustainable community relations are crucial for the successful delivery of infrastructure projects. The communication must therefore be integrated in the project management from the very outset and be precisely and bindingly planned. This is because in times with empowered, modern civil societies, you can only do what can be conveyed.

„An open dialogue can solve conflicts and open up room for action.” 

Antje Schünemann
Head of Local Dialogue Berlin

"Early information, an open ear for stakeholders and a constructive exchange are the basis for trust and acceptance."

Daniel Hitschfeld
Head of Local Dialogue Duesseldorf