Political dialogue

Political dialogue presupposes compromise


We firmly believe that truly relevant dialogue is also transparent dialogue. It is no longer enough to just have a lobby. Whether an organisation can successfully engage in political dialogue is determined by its ability to address the interests and demands of third parties. Those who concentrate solely on policy will soon end up in a blind alley. It is therefore essential that not just your employees, customers and partners but also the media, academia and NGOs are taken into consideration in the political communication process. Their ideas need to be addressed and incorporated. This because political dialogue presupposes a willingness to compromise.

Crucial to success in the public sphere is the interaction of the different instruments – both online and offline. Here navos provides support by informing, involving and mobilising. Our repertoire includes writing discussion papers, policy documents, presentations and publications. We initiate and accompany dialogue formats and events in the political environment, organise the establishment of networks and develop alliances.

„Political dialogue needs the spirit to compromise. There are no 100% solutions.“ 

Julia Thielicke
Head of Political Dialogue