What drives us?

Our why is we. That’s because dialogue is all about sharing, hearing, connecting and understanding. Dialogue is in our DNA. We place a lot of value on treating others with respect, appreciation and honesty. When working with our clients. But especially when working with each other. On our projects. As experts and as people. Instead of sharp elbows, we have team spirit and fairness – and lots of it.

clients and many long-term relationships
children of staff members – with more on the way

What we believe: Cooperation beats competition

We all have our quirks and peculiarities – and that’s a good thing, too. We respect different perspectives, opinions and points of view. Rather than frightening us, diversity gives us strength and inspiration. And should we experience the occasional turbulence or misunderstanding, we talk about it openly and honestly – face-to face rather than behind each other’s back. Because making sure that we are all doing OK is something we care about. And that’s why all of us are individually and collectively there for each other. With empathy and expertise. Every day.

What we know: Trust matters

Our work is becoming more and more flexible and individualised – and less and less anchored to places, times and hierarchies. This makes it even more important for us to trust ourselves, our colleagues and our teams. In concrete terms, this means having a lot of independence, responsibility and room for ideas. And having the office as a campfire, so to speak, where we can gather with our colleagues to exchange ideas and interact.

What we aim for: Empowerment instead of burnout

We believe in our own strengths. We motivate instead of cracking the whip. For us, leadership is individual rather than uniform. Whether we are interns, consultants or managing directors – we look at our needs, abilities and potentials together. That’s why we have also taken an active approach to addressing mental health. After all, at the end of the day, we are all working towards the same goals. Our “mental health ambassadors” have received specialised training and actively cultivate a positive working environment.

We have: Fun and exciting projects

We are super passionate about good communication and our exciting projects. But there’s one thing we are determined to avoid: burnout. That’s why we make sure that we have healthy working hours and fair overtime policies. And that fun is always part of the mix. At work, in the teams, but also off the pitch. Such as when we go out to a museum, to exhibitions or to a convivial barbecue.

Sounds good?

Whether you’re coming with or without experience or changing careers, you’ll find a wide range of opportunities to join our team. Click here to view our current vacancies. And if you don’t find anything that suits you, feel free to send us an email at recruiting@navos.eu. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our vacancies

What makes us proud

Whether it’s our consultants or our creative minds from the graphics department: We aim to make communications better. That’s why we put a lot of brainpower, love and energy into our work. And we come up with solutions that work.

Agency: Who we are

We drive issues and connect people. Rather than aiming for the quick “Wow!”, we’re after the right solution. That’s why we shape dialogues that last – whether for big organisations, SMEs or start-ups. Online and offline. Globally, regionally and locally.


Wondering what we can do for you? Can you imagine joining our team? Or would you simply like to get to know us – because, after all, it’s a small world? Then get in contact with us and let’s talk.