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Rock Tech Lithium

Powering the Battery Age

What’s it all about

The combustion engine will be obsolete by 2035 at the latest. The lion’s share of mobility will be electric. To make that happen, industry will need batteries. And they will need lithium. One problem, though: At present, all lithium converters are located outside Europe. But that will change. In Guben, in the eastern German state of Brandenburg. There, our client RockTech is building the first lithium converter in the EU. And simultaneously developing a transparent supply chain that includes its own mine in Canada.

Tackling challenges together

Cutting-edge companies like Rock Tech Lithium need to arrange their supply, technology, financing and the right locations – all while the market and policy framework conditions are still emerging. Given these facts, it is indispensable to foster trust and an excellent reputation while working on the future. Rock Tech is rigorously doing just that – by explaining, engaging and listening. At its location in Guben. In Berlin. In the world. And with our communications-related support.