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Bringing online delivery to the construction sector

What’s it all about

The business for sand, crushed rock and gravel is mostly analogue. But Schüttflix is stepping in to revolutionise the sector – with an online platform and app that makes ordering bulk construction supplies and disposing of building waste as easy as ordering a pizza. All while also directly preventing a lot of CO2 emissions with smart route management and shorter distances.

Tackling challenges together

We’ve been with Schüttflix since the very beginning. Together, we are constantly working on positioning the company and developing its story – from its foundation, to its rollout across Germany, to its internationalisation, to its tapping of new business fields. Regardless of whether it’s a construction site, founders stage or business media source, what’s particularly important is to strike the right tone and always keep the issue exciting. Because Schüttflix always delivers, and its communication is no exception.